Honda Prelude
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The standard OEM sound system is hardly what you call Hi-Fi and the original speaker were in terrible state. So in went a set of new speakers. The head unit is a Panasonic in dash CD Tuner with MP3/WMA capability. I left the front speakers at the stock 4" size and the rear at 6" to avoid any cutting of holes.

In went with JL Audio Evolution series 4" Coaxials into the doors. The rear parcel shelve got JL Audio VR600-CXi Coaxials. I chose the JL Audio speaker because the music I listen to benefits greatly from a speaker with smooth mid bass and flat frequency response. All 4 speakers are driven by an Audioline AL-3004 150W x 4CH amplifier (about 70W RMS per channel). This amp has a built in cross over, which I set in High-Pass mode (100hz).

Bass is delivered by a Rockford Fosgate RFP3412 12" subwoofer. This is a single coil sub-woofer with 200w RMS and 400w Maximum power handling, enclosed in sealed wedge box made from 1" thick MDF. The sub is driven by an Audioline AL-2002 2 channel amplified in bridged operation. This has a power rating of 400W Max and 200W RMS

I used 8 gauge wire for the +12 power and ground. 14 gauge for speakers and shielded RCA for the connection between the head unit and amplifiers.

All up the sound is satisfyingly clear, smooth and the bass is more than sufficient.