Honda Prelude
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Lighting - Top

Head Light Globes
Diamond Cut HeadlampI'm using Philips Blue Vision globes which are a HID look globe but they maintain the durability of stock globes. They provide about 50% more light than standard 55/60 globes at the same wattage. I've found them to be much brighter and whiter than normal globes, which is especially obvious when I'm driving next to another car.

Head Lamp
The standard head lamps were replaced by Diamond cut, clear lense ones, often seen in modern cars. The advantage of these is that because the lense is clear, there is less refraction and hence more light being projected forward. Plus they look pretty cool.

Clear Side Indicators
I installed clear side indicator that were meant for an EG Civic purely for cosmetic reasons. I think it gives the car a nice modern look.